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IQOS ILUMA and ILUMA Prime versions are comparable. ALUMA IQOS The heating blade is unique. Thermally Sensitive Nanoblade for Cigarettes Warms the Mechanism. Employing a hot stick makes more sense. Because it slips into the holder, you don’t need to worry. Compared to the previous method of heating, the heated blade broke less frequently when in use. due to the large-scale damage or fractures. More upkeep on the apparatus was required, along with a cleaning of the heated blade. It is more dependable to use these bladeless gadgets. Tobacco should ideally not be burned but rather warmed up. Moreover, they do not leave any traces of smoking.

Using the Induction System’s Smart Core, the recently developed TEREA SMARTCORE STICK warms the tobacco. The most sophisticated IQOS ILUMA Standard Smoke-Free System uses a special kind of heating. Using low-temperature-heated herbal sticks is also not recommended. can use regular hot sticks with this device. Only the best IQOS ILUMA Standard should be used with the manufactured sticks. IQOS ILUMA Prime and IQOS ILUMA Standard. The auto-start feature is present in the last two editions. As soon as the TEREA stick is placed, the gadget recognizes it and switches on instantly.

IQOS ILUMA ONE is the best all-in-one device. It takes about ninety minutes to charge, requiring twenty heatsticks.

The UAE’s Finest IQOS ILUMA Standard Kit Features:

  • Measurements: 1.2 x 0.6 x 4.8 inches / 3.2 x 16.4 x 121.6 mm
  • weighing 2.5 ounces (68.5 grams)
  • Frequent utilization
  • The main unit is charged by USB Type-C connections every twenty rounds.
  • Blade: not available
  • The operating temperature range is 0 to 40 °C.

Colors that are available in Abu Dhabi for the IQOS Iluma Standard Kit are:

  1. Azure Blue Iluma Standard 
  2. Sunset Red Iluma Standard 
  3. Pebble Beige Iluma Standard 
  4. Pebble Grey Iluma Standard 
  5. Moss Green Iluma Standard 
  6. Oasis Limited Edition in Iluma Iqos Standard
  7. We Limited Edition in Iluma Ioqs Standard
  8. Bright Limited Edition in Iluma Iqos Standard
  9.  Neon Limited Edition in Iluma Iqos Standard


The chic top IQOS ILUMA Standard Kit, Iluma Terea Dubai, is presently for sale in Dubai, United Arab Emirates! Here’s your chance to treat yourself to something better right now.  We can provide you with this fantastic equipment using our trustworthy cash-on-delivery service.

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