LAMBDA I8 Device Iqos Iluma Dubai Abu Dhabi in UAE

The latest technological advancement in smoking. The Lambda i8 Device may be purchased right now in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers delivery choices to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah that include cash on delivery. Iqos Iluma Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Alain and Ras Al Khaimah.

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The Lambda i8 device for Terea Sticks is currently available in a new version. The well-known producer of heat-resistant gadgets, “LAMBDA,” has unveiled the Terea Sticks product.

Lambda i8, a next-generation heating device. Uses cutting-edge Smartcore induction heating technology to provide outstanding performance. With its broad 200–300 °C operating temperature range and LED display. The Lambda i8 is ideal for smoking and efficiently cooking a wide range of foods.

The device can last 35–40 smoking sessions on a single charge. Because of its strong 3200 mAh battery and adjustable smoking length of 3-6 minutes. Iqos TEREA Dubai The Lambda i8 is compatible with TEREA, SENTIA. Their Smartcore Sticks are constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy, PPSU, and PEEK materials. It is available in six stunning colors.

Details for the Latest Lambda i8 Device From Iqos Iluma Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE:

  • LED display: temperature-variable operation.
  • Indeed Temperature range for this Smartcore induction heating system is 200–300 °C.
  • You can schedule three to six minutes for smoking.
  • 3200 mAh is the battery’s capacity.
  • When the battery is fully charged, 35–40 cycles of charging at 5 V and 2 A will require about 2.5 hours of power input.
  • The object is 102.8*28.9*20.8 mm in size and weighs 83 grams.
  • The materials are aluminum alloy, PPSU, and PEEK.
  • Red, green, gold, white, black, and grey are the colors.
  • Smartcore upgrades Sentia, Terea, and other compatible systems.

Lambda i8 Device Colors are Available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai in UAE

  • Lambda i8 Red for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai
  • Lambda i8 Green for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai
  • Lambda i8 Gold for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai
  • Lambda i8 White for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai
  • Lambda i8 Black for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai
  • Lambda i8 Grey for Iqos Terea Iluma in Dubai


  • I8: One Type-C cable,
  • two brushes, and one manual
  • Just one QC Card

The Lambda i8 device has unrivaled performance.

LED display: The easy-to-use LED display of the Lambda i8 Device. Keeps you informed and in charge. It’s simple to keep an eye on and adjust variables like temperature, and smoking time. Battery level for a customized vaping experience.

Quick and portable charging: With a 5V/2A input voltage, the Lambda i8 Device provides efficient and rapid charging. Reducing downtime and increasing enjoyment. Everywhere you go, your favorite Terea Heets are always with you. Because of their fashionable and practical design.

It is made of aluminum alloy, PPSU, and PEEK. Your vaping experience will be enhanced by its elegant appearance. Which also ensures long-lasting performance.

Experience Style and Versatility with the Lambda i8 Device.

Generally regarded as acceptable: The Lambda i8 Device is compatible with Smartcore Sticks. Such as TEREA, SENTIA, and others. Explore the plethora of flavors and options available. Benefit from the flexibility to personalize your vaping experience.

Vibrant hues consist of: There are several eye-catching colors to pick from, such as Red, Black, Green, Gold, and White. You can show off your style with the Lambda Green i8 Device and yet get excellent performance. Select a hue that complements your vaping style and that you find appealing. Heets Iqos Dubai.

The all-new Lambda i8 Terea Sticks device is now available for purchase in Dubai, United Arab Emirates! In TEREA DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, you have the option to pay cash on delivery!

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Black, Gold, Green, Red, White, Grey

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